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Safety and Baby Gate Installation in Orlando

Child Senior Safety - Custom Baby Gates in Orlando

Whether you're a new parent starting out or enhancing the safety of your home for your children, you will need at least one safety gate somewhere in your house.

The expert installers at Child Senior Safety can put safety gates in many places:

  • Doorways
  • Stairwells
  • Pool Entrances/Enclosures
  • ...and anywhere else you may need a safety barrier!

We'll do any type of custom baby gate for a multitude of stairwells and banister types. No project is too complicated for us! Some examples of projects people have asked us to do in the past:

  • Can you install a gate on a banister that wraps around at a wide arc? YES!
  • Can you install a gate on a banister that starts farther up the stairwell? YES!
  • Can we put a pet door on the gate? YES!
  • What about a stairwell with NO banister? YES!

DON'T get frustrated trying to do it yourself.
DO call us: (407) 880-7233
You'll be glad you did!
You'll Save Time, Save the Headache, and Save Money letting the experts install it in no time.
We'll do it right and ensure safety in your home.

Watch Safety Bob demonstrate how easy a Guard Me™ Gate is to use! - Baby Proofing, Pool Safety, Senior Safety in Central Florida!